Thursday, May 14, 2009

Short of time

Okay folks going tonite for Umrah for a week.

PS: wanted to write more but will do when I get back, inshAllah


Monday, April 06, 2009


Driving fast in heavy rain, a moment came under the interchange when everything seemed to stop, like a pause button was clicked, a silence too short but too sweet, too bad it was a very small pause but it was worth yearning for more.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Story

We move in circles
Balanced all the while
On a gleaming razor's edge

A perfect sphere
Colliding with our fate
This story ends where it began


Monday, March 30, 2009

Found and Lost

Wondering why the title is the other way round, rather than the usual “Lost and Found”? It’s because that’s how this story goes :P. Well it was quite a while that I was looking for a cat to adopt as a pet (Weird? Well I just wanted one) and was set on adopting one from but the kind of lazy being I am, this never happened. Anyhoo, one evening after parking my car in one of the malls (Carrefour), I saw this cute white little cat coming out from under one of the parked cars and immediately curled up around my leg and started purring. It seemed lost, out of place, and hungry. I noticed a nasty wound on the right side of its body, so decided to take it to a vet. But in order to lure it into my car I had to go to Carrefour, buy some cat food and a bowl so it could start trusting me. It finally entered into my car after the aforementioned ritual (that whole process took around 40+ minutes and 4 – 5 calls to my friends in Karachi who have cats :P). The vet gave it some injections and I was finally allowed to take it back to my home (does that come under theft :S? Frankly, there was no way to report it and plus it looked lost for many days anyways!)

So I had the cat and it was fun to have it. It was definitely someone’s beloved and well cared for pet because it was properly trained and very close to humans. Had its moods, would ask for food, would try talking to me, would play with soft rubber balls and would try to eat my food :|. The only problem it had was big sharp nails and would not allow me to dare touch its toes, so I was kinda scared in venturing in that area anyways :P. Nevertheless, when I would touch its ear, it would sprawl around on floor very comfortably and would watch me do my errands with curious eyes.

Anyways, 10 days later that is on 21st, I was to take her to the vet again for her 2nd round of shots. That day since morning it was in some of pain and was complaining to me about something. I somehow got it into the pet carrier box, which she didn’t like at all and was meowing and trying to force her way out. On reaching to vet’s clinic and after we finally took it out, it created a whole lot of a scene there, running from one end to the another; the poor thing thought that the glass window was open and it twice rammed its head with full speed in it :S. We finally caught it and the vet was able to give it an injection. That’s it, after that it was all calmed down and ready to go home, right? No, wrong! One last act to the drama was left. As soon as I stepped out of the clinic, one bang and the cat broke through the carrier box and off it ran for its dear life; and within moments gone, out of sight and I was just dumbfounded. I searched for an hour, looking for her, under the cars, in the alleys, shop corners, but it was gone like an apparition, vanished like a ghost in thin air.

It’s been 8 days now and I have given up any hope of its return :(. Those were 10 days full of fun, and I have realized keeping a pet is a huge responsibility, which I failed :|. So few lessons learnt

1) Check and double check if you have locked the pet carrier box properly.

2) Never ever fry anything with your sleeves up.

3) Check the weather forecast before going to the concert :|.

4) my writing style is like a 5 yr old kids essay :S, okay I dont want to even read it for editing, sucks so bad...

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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Please take a moment and pray for Umema aka Dinky Minds Father who left his loved ones last week for his final journey back to his creater.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pissed at Work and of Fake French Accent

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr okay I am pissed, yesterday too I was pissed actually disgusted more but that I will write later. Grrrr but today I am pissed because of this certain colleague of mine (since this is not an anonymous blog I shall stop myself from using any adjectives). So this guy said when I asked him about some project he wanted me to do for him, that because of economic crises and lay offs I am feeling insecure and looking to get more and more projects so that I am still needed. In other words what he meant was or atleast what I interpreted it is this that I am trying to justify my place at work, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Helloo I am filling up a role and a position here which is necessary for the function of department its not like I was hired because of some favor infact I was doing you a favor because even if its not my job responsibility to do it but since it will help you in performing your tasks better hence I decided to go ahead, but now you have pissed me majorly.
Okay now this is from yesterday. Why would a desi will have a fake French accent :O? I have heard fake British and American accents but hellooo French that was my first time. Errrr for once he really got me(Even he was pronouncing “r” as “gh” and an elongated end to the sentence) and I believed that this guy must have spent some time in France but when we started talking in Urdu then I realized no there is something wrong and yea he has been to France only for 4 days max, sigh

Oh and lol do watch Role Models , its not like other headless comedies which are so frequent these days especially from across the border, it has its moments and there many :D but yea at times it gets bit pointless too.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Gaeta's Lament

A wonderful Ballad from one of my favorite TV Show BattleStar Galactica, the character Felix Gaeta played by Alessandro Juliani actually sang it himself, luvly voice (but then ofcourse when you have Degree in Bachelor of Music in Vocal/Opera Performance you should have a good voice :P)

Alone she sleeps in the shirt of man
With my three wishes clutched in her hand
The first that she be spared the pain
That comes from a dark and laughing rain
When she finds love may it always stay true
This I beg for the second wish I made too
But wish no more
My life you can take
To have her please just one day wake
To have her please just one day wake

Audio Link

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Another Tag by one and only :P

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again
1. My PC Room (literally live there)
2. Carrefour
3. Work ( :( )
4. My bedroom :P (as you can see I am not really an outgoing person)
5. fifth should have been my running track but I havnt run since months :S, bad me

4 People Who Mail Me Regularly
1. Facebook :P
2. Hira with her luvly music n movie recommendations
3. Ather and other roundabout friends
4. My nephew (who keeps bugging me with his queries :P)
5. Oh and another person but she has recently stopped her forwards

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)
1. My Colleagues place, he cooks luvly Nihari
2. Hiras home, luvly food always :D
3. BBQ Tonite, anytime
4. Chinese at Tariq road
5. And Emos home, I wish :( :P
6. And yea Pizza hut :D

4 Places I’d Rather be Now
1. Home, Karachi
2. Playing cricket with my buddies
3. Beach
4. And so many other places I want to visit one day

4 Favorite TV Shows (ah too many)
1. Battlestar Galactica
2. According to Jim
3. Scrubs
4. Lost
5. And many many more

4 Favorite Movies
1. Gladiator
2. Scent of a Woman
3. Legends of the Fall
4. Transformers
5. And yea Pulp Fiction

4 People I would like to tag
1. Hira on Public Demand :D
2. Raheel
3. Saady
4. Neha
5. Tanzilla


Monday, February 02, 2009

One of the bestest Sporting Moment

Australian Open 2009, Final Moments

By Caroline Cheese (BBC Sports Website)

(Just wanted to preserve the very best sporting moment and a very best commentary, I hope not so many copyright issues here)

Read from bottom to top.

1338: That's it then. Thanks for your company during another mind-blowing encounter between Roger 'n Rafa. They really don't do bad matches do they? Federer's already one of the greatest in history, Rafa's got to be there or thereabouts now after winning his first hard-court major. And, dare I say it, the Grand Slam is on...

1336: Rafa's turn to speak: "Roger, I'm sorry for today. I know exactly how you feel. Just remember you're a great champion and you're one of the best in history and for sure you're going to match Sampras. To receive this trophy from Rod Laver is a dream for me. Thank you very much."

1333: That won't help Federer. Rafa Nadal takes the trophy from Rod Laver and lifts it high into the air. He immediately goes to Federer and gives him a hug and the world number two comes to the mike again. "I don't want to have the last word - this guy deserves it," saiy Fed, pointing to Rafa. "Rafa, congrats - you deserve it. All the best for the season."

1330: Roger Federer gets a massive roar from the crowd as he steps up to receive the runners-up plate. "I've felt better," says Fed. "Thanks for the support. You guys were unbelievable." But here come the tears. "Maybe I'll try later. God, it's killing me." The crowd give him another huge cheer, but the poor fella can't continue. He's sobbing as he steps away from the mike. Nadal joins in the applause for the beaten finalist.

1327: "We all want him to go on and win that 14th later in the year..." says Geoff. Not half as much as Fed I would imagine. The Swiss manages half a smile. Or was it a twitch?

1324: The man from the tournament sponsors rather kills the electric atmosphere with a fantastically dry speech... Here's Tennis Australia president Geoff Pollard to jolly things along.

1321: Plenty of congratulations for Rafa Nadal, but no one dares go near Federer as he digests what has just happened. Eventually, Rod Laver approaches - and Fed manages a weak smile.

1318: If you thought the Wimbledon final might have hurt, that has got to be an absolute killer for Federer. Nadal seemed to be running on empty in that third set, but put in a superhuman effort to get back into it. Federer is sitting in his chair, exhausted, disbelieving. The 14th Grand Slam title will have to wait - but 'til when?

1315: Nadal falls to the ground in a star shape - just like that Wimbledon final - before jogging to the net to shake hands with a crestfallen Federer. Four hours and 23 minutes, a classic encounter.

Federer 5-7 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 2-6 Nadal
Another double-fault from a crumbling Federer makes it 0-30 and Nadal is gifted two points for the title when Fed errs on a forehand. Nadal swings a routine return long and then a tense, tense rally ends with the Spaniard putting a tentative slice into the trams. A sensational backhand winner sets up another title point before Federer belts one final forehand over the line.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tagged :O oh my whyyy :D

Ok so I was tagged by Dinko mind and since you cant say no to Dinkos (its against the law ;) ) hence here I am enlightening world once again with my rants . Heres the deal I am supposed to write about “6 weird habits/things about yourself” (I mean those habits which you can make public or let your mother know, unless you have an anon blog then you can write your heart out ;) )
1. I have this habit of buying books and not reading them, at home I have like stacks of unread or half read books lying around :( which is very pathetic in my opinion but sigh I can only read when I am in Karachi and guess why, because of KESC and its load shedding ;), otherwise here either I am on PC playing game, or working or watching some series :P. Likewise I will download/purchase movies and not watch them, I think I have like 15+ downloaded movies and around 10 DVDs bought over period of a year or 2 which I have yet to watch and haven’t till now, and this brings me to my next habit.

2. I delay things which I am sure is very much like being a true Pakistani (Procrastination is a national trait). Sometimes I delay paying my CC bills, applying for apps until due date passes by, wont buy tickets for concerts or sport events until they finish up and then go to black market and get them on double the amount :(.

3. Like Dinkos parathas addiction, I have tamater kee chatni ka addiction. I love to have it with every meal and with every salan and whenever I am coming back from vacations, mom would make loads of chatni, pack it into small packets enough for one meal and I would freeze them here and few hours before dinner time will take one packet out, thaw it and have it with dinner :D.

4. One habit which is not weird but I hate it most is, I am always late for work no matter how many alarms I put up I will not and again not get up on time, getting up early in morning is just not into me which basically is consequences of me sleeping too late :$.

5. Recently I have developed this habit of using tissue paper s while I am having food even when I am dining out with people. There will be like 2 – 3 tissue papers lying around my plate : P and I will be wiping my hands and lips after every bite, probably because I hate sticky fingers and I hate to look at people with traces of food on their faces hence the reaction :P.

6. Errrr last okay this is hard to dig, (remember we are not talking about bad habits, but the weird ones) Oh yea, I talk to myself while thinking, ofcourse only when I am alone otherwise people will think I am crazy, and trust me I function better then and if I am around people I talk to myself in thoughts :P and think that way. Ok too much of thoughts and thinks, soo here goes my 6 weird habits and I shall tag

Raheel, Lady Tanzilla , Tee Hee(okay its YouTee), Hira(if u r reading this and I know you hate tags :P), Sidrah, Saady and Hinz
So if anyone of you ever read this , you are free to pour out your secrets , goodluck ;)


Monday, October 27, 2008


Addiction is bad, infect it is your worst enemy it makes your life miserable. There are many types of addictions, some are addicted to booze, some to smoking and drugs, some to chaalia and some even to sex (yea ask David Duchovny). Whatever your addiction is, it surely ruins your daily routine and not let you follow whatever you wanted to do or had to do. Probably some of you might argue, being addicted to ones own goals is a good thing , it’s the way to success whether its an exam, some project or some hobby. But I am here talking about the negative addictions which will not take you anywhere.

And here comes a confession I think I am addicted to this Football Manager Live MMORPG, as its clear from its genre its an online game where you manage a football club from finances to team management and ofcourse you must win. Decide your team formation, define strategies, outsmart other human players. Sounds fun? Yup but not when you get home at 5 and u straightaway log in to the game and you are playing it till 8 Then you take some break for dinner or tv and then again start it at 10 and end at 1. All the reading? All the Tv series? Daily exercises? All the extra work you were supposed to do gets delayed and delayed and delayed and this is NOT GOOD sigh and the worst part is I have already paid for first 3 months :( ( Starting from mid November).

So I need to find my way out :S somehow.

PS: Googled and found this How to Overcome an MMORPG Addiction

Unfortunately Symptoms are all there, not much excessive but they are there :S

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